Drywall or SIPs in the Basement, you decide...

Drywall doesn't stand up to rough housing!

I recently had a firsthand experience involving the strength of certain building materials which are commonly (unfortunately) used in basement finishing.

This is a photo of the resulting hole caused by my grandson (9) pushing his brother (11) through a drywall wall in their neighbor’s finished basement in Denver, CO. They had been rough housing as boys do!

They had to repair it with their Dad, which was supposed to be a learning experience. (And no, I didn’t require them to install MgO SIPs.) The original wall was constructed 24″ inches between two by four centers and using 3/8″ drywall.

My son sat down with his 9 year old son afterwards. He asked his son if he had learned anything something this experience, hoping for something like “I should have more respect and control my temper.”

This was his response: “I don’t think those walls are very strong.”

Just a funny thing I wanted to pass on. And just a reminder that MgO SIPs are impact resistant – think before you finish a basement with drywall (and think before you rough house at the neighbors!).