About Me

Hi, I’m Fred Miller, otherwise known as The Panel Man. With 35+ years experience in panels, industrial chemicals, coatings, adhesives, plastics, and laminated products, I think I’ve earned my title! It all started back at Michigan State University where I graduated with a chemistry degree (although today I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Wolverine country…go figure). Then, I was off to work for Sherwin Williams as a bench chemist, formulating custom coatings for military use.

Over the years I have worked for AMOCO, Morton Thiokol, Morton Yokohama, Henkel, and Rohm and Haas (acquired by Dow Chemical) in everything from structural adhesives to laminated panels. In 2005, I bid farewell to the corporate world and formed my own manufacturer’s representative organization, Total Panel Source. Through Total Panel Source, I have acquired several non-competing lines and proudly represent their products.

About This Blog

I created this blog to be a resource for anyone working with panels, laminates, and related components. I’m here to share firsthand knowledge with you, whether you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, or purchasing officer. Here, I’ll initiate useful dialogs, share information about the latest materials available for lamination, discuss various testing requirements and procedures, and highlight successful and innovative applications.


In adherence with the latest FTC blogging guidelines, I gladly disclose that I am active in the panel and laminating industry through my independent sourcing company, Total Panel Source. My blog will often reference products that I represent, but only in a useful, relevant way as it pertains to the subject I am discussing.

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