It’s summer, ‘tis the season of renovations! I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately asking for tips on working with MgO board…here’s the latest:

Q: What should I use to fasten magnesium oxide boards to wood framing?

A: First, I will say to always contact the manufacturer to get their recommendations and best practices. But, here’s the general word on the street when working with MgO board: use screws. Technically you can use nails as well, but people report getting a better hold with screws. Self-embedding screws that ensure a flush finish are ideal.

One contractor even sent me a few pictures of this type of screw…it has “fins” that cut into the cement board so that the head of the screw is slightly recessed. Check out the pictures (thanks to reader Mike M. for sharing these!):

Embedded Fastener for Mgo Board

Embedded Fastener for Mgo Board

Screw with recessed head for MgO

Screw with Recessed Head Perfect for MgO Board!

I’ve heard that people love these Rock-On® Cement Board fasteners:

Some contractors have used staples for ¼” on the seam of MgO SIPS, but others have reported some breakage. Let me know what your “go to” fastener is when working with cement boards.

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