Hello Panelman Readers! It’s been awhile, but I’m back and ready to share some exciting news with you…You know I’m always on the look out for the brightest and best construction materials out there. And one that keeps grabbing my attention is JetBoard™. Through my business, Total Panel Source, I’m constantly asked: Where can I get MgO board? Who is a reliable supplier of magnesium oxide panels? And most often: Can I get MgO board made in America? I constantly connect these folks with JetBoard™. Now, here’s the big news: JetBoard™ was named the Most Innovative Building Material at the National Association of Home Builders show last month!

There were 1,700+ construction products and materials being showcased at the show, and guess who came out on top? Yup, a magnesium oxide based board. And JetBoard isn’t just any MgO board – they use nano technology to make sure the product is perfect, consistent, and stable from the molecular level on up. So it makes sense, if you’re an architect or engineer, why wouldn’t you specify using a fireproof panel that actually fights fire – instead of just resisting it? And why wouldn’t you use a board that’s naturally mold and mildew resistant? It’s a no brainer.

If you’re interested in sourcing JetBoard™, just contact me – and I can get you more details. They’re working on some exciting new products for specific industries, too. Like the marine construction and ballistics industries. More to come on that, soon!

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  1. Arash Albekord says:

    Building a tiny house and looking for MgO board for exterior sheathing and possibly interior as well. Please help me find some!

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