Happy Spring, Panelman readers! It’s the prime season for home improvement and home building, and also the time that most people will be reaching for the same old boards to complete their projects. I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately from folks asking where they can get MgO (magnesium oxide) board: for both residential and commercial applications. And that’s a great sign, because MgO board is truly superior when you compare it side by side to other materials out there. This is especially true for SIPs (structural insulated panels): MgO is a better material for lamination and the proof is in the numbers! Below is a chart supplied by JetBoard that compares it to Portland Cement Board, Gypsum Wallboard, Gypsum Drywall, Plywood and OSB. In every variable from fire rating to vapor permeability, JetBoard comes out on top. Check it out and see what happens when all the boards meet for comparison… (Click on the image to view the chart in full size.)

Magnesium Oxide Board

Why MgO is a Better Board

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  1. Alex Liew says:

    Dear Mr Fred, you are a great man. I am using MgO board 6mm thick as skin for Stay in Place formwork,mI pour 12 Mpa strength 1600 kg/m3 lightweight concrete infill to make walls. Is it a good idea as both side skin which is the 6 mm MgO board is painted, outside wall is expose to whether rain and shine forever. I need your advised. Rgds. Alex Liew.

  2. The Panel Man says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Alex!!
    First of all, we know Mgo board is a water resistant fire proof material which can be used below grade. However, since we are not structural engineers, we cannot make recommendations relative to the application of the board in your specific application because building code regulations come into play. We would suggest that you work with a structural engineer who can look at the specifications of the board and make a recommendation. We are happy to provide all the technical information on the boards available though! Feel free to contact me directly using the contact form, and thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Adam Grant says:

    Can you use mag board below grade instead of stucco for parging?

  4. The Panel Man says:

    MgO board because of it’s resistance to moisture has been used below grade. It is also a good substrate for stucco finishing using the necessary primers and finish coatings. It is always best to check with local building authorities for the applicable codes that apply. Good luck!

  5. Thanks so much for posting such great information all in one place! Very happy to find your site. We’re builders, sheeting our Haven sustainable homes with Mgo board. Your advice to check with the structural engineer and local building authorities was spot on. After receiving approval from the structural engineers, it was a breeze with one building authority but took awhile to get through the approval process with another, only because it was new. We’re using it with a waterproof impervious membrane instead of stucco. They were “made” for each other!

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